What is Love? – 2 Ways to Know You’re In Love

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What is Love? – 2 Ways to Know You’re In Love

What is Love?


Is there one definition?


Have you ever been confused by love?



For ages, people have used the word 'Love' without ever being able to universally define it.


Books, music and movies all revolve around the subject of 'love', but do they ever successfully describe it???


Philosophers and psychologists have tried their hand at it too.

Who hasn't heard quotes such as...

"Love makes the world go 'round"

"Love means never having to say you're sorry"

"Love conquers all"


Conversely, we've all heard (and probably experienced) the more cynical side...

"Love exists to show us how much pain we can endure"

"Love uncorks imagination and bottles common sense"

"The happiness of love only makes the pain of it ending worse"


Bottom line...Love is difficult to define.

Merriam-Webster alone lists over NINE possible definitions.

Unfortunately, a nebulous and inconsistent definition creates tons of issues in the dating world.

When someone tells you they "love you", what does that mean to you? What does it mean to them?

If you are looking to find love...a strong definition for love is essential to find what you seek.

Understanding love gives you a huge advantage in diagnosing and managing your emotions. If you don’t define “love” for yourself, then you will be a prisoner to whatever definition is applicable to the other person.

The words “I love you” manipulate even the strongest minded people, so don’t let it be you!


Because language can be ambiguous, Optimacy takes a unique and comprehensive approach to define love.

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