Here are the finalists from Optimacy's recent video testimonial contest/promotion.

FINALIST #1 --  As Optimacy members know, we always promote standing out, being creative, and having fun. This video nailed that aspect with a campy and funny entry into our contest.   Plus...who doesn't like to watch a woman in a bikini and kick-boxing???  Awesome job Deb!

FINALIST #2 - In this video, Mark showcases his strengths - wit and sarcasm - to create a very entertaining video.  Great job!

FINALIST #3 - In this video, Allie mentions our Get Out of the Friend Zone material as well as online dating and how to get an ex back articles. Nice job from a genuinely nice girl!

FINALIST #4 - This is our only couples entry. You can tell that Ben is a nice guy that could easily get put in the friend zone, but kudos to him for taking advice and gaining the edge needed to provide the total package.


Other Testimonials


  • "Thanks for all the help!  Being handicapped and used to rejection, I know I wasn't your easiest student...Going out with you guys and getting 3 girls number in one night was something I'll never forget."  David
  • "The psychic trick you showed me is killer....I've used it numerous times and never failed to at least get a girl's number.  You were right about the change in people's demeanor after you do it.  They look at you like a rock star.  It's boosted my confidence such that I don't even need to do it...Not sure how it works on guys, but girls eat it up." Rich
  • "I was skeptical about the online program, but the step-by-step instruction is just what I was looking for.  I help my friends now and feel like I could be an instructor.  Are you hiring?  :)"  Cathy
  • "Great articles about online dating.  It worked!  The sample dating profile and the word-by-word explanation was amazing.  I know you said not to copy it exactly, but I'm not a master of some of those subliminal techniques yet so I just tried copying yours.  I should send you a copy of my mail box so you can see how many more responses I got after changing it...Keep it coming!"  Kris
  • "I love the article on texting.  The sample texts and analysis you guys did was brilliant and spot on.  It really lets a guy in on what women are thinking.  I hope you don't mind me sharing some of it with my friends."  Cathy
  • "I haven't tried the exclusive consultation yet, but the online stuff seems perfect for me so far.  Not only is it cheaper, but I could never retain all that information from one-on-one meetings.  Plus, I'm a big fan of the detailed examples and breakdowns you guys do.  Your articles are more like essays.  They have much more information than I'm used to reading."  Wanda