3 Tips to Look Attractive


You can't feel confident about something that requires a skill or knowledge you don't have.




Confidence is attractive, but requires more than flipping a switch.


True confidence requires COMPETENCE.


For example, an Olympic swimmer will be extremely confident in their ability to swim the length of a pool.

On the flip side, this same swimmer may have no confidence in performing brain surgery.

Let's apply this to dating...


Do you often feel confused and bewildered by dating?


If so, join the crowd.  Most people receive very little education about dating and social dynamics.  This lack of knowledge sabotages your potential.

Without proper social skills, many daters engage in irrational behavior and become easily manipulated by others.


How many times has a guy fallen for a girl who is just using him for his money?

Or...how about a girl who stays with a guy who has repeatedly cheated on her?

Many blame it on a "devil made me do it" supernatural force, but it's simply the product of poor education in social dynamics and lack of the necessary psychological skills.


The good news is that Optimacy WILL improve your knowledge!


As noted in the Chapter 1 Overview, our goal is to increase your competence, confidence and self-esteem.

Later, as we advance your training, your knowledge will translate almost to a level of "subliminal sorcery" that you can use externally.

Let’s take things one step at a time and describe the stages of competency you will follow with our lessons.



1. Unconscious Incompetence

As described above, many people live in a state of Unconscious Incompetence.

They do not possess the required skills, nor do they ever realize what they are missing.

This explains the dreadful success rates in relationships and constant anxiety.

If you fail in your relationships or can't attract others, you MUST understand why. Blaming others or avoiding it altogether won't fix the problem.


The process of gaining confidence requires action.



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