10 Commandments for Dating

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10 Commandments for Dating


Principles shape our priorities and keep us focused.





The RIGHT principles will guide you toward the life you always imagined.


Take a moment and write-down the most important principles you believe in.

Don't worry about these being well written or extravagant.  This is your private list of priorities - not a public list of super noble, unrealistic goals.

As you compile the list, thoughts may pop into your head where your actions in the past didn't jive with your principles.

How did these experiences turn out?  Probably not very good.

The source of almost all 'problems' in dating can be traced to abandoning certain principles.

In Chapter 1, we focus on several concepts related to improving your core attractiveness.  You will start feeling a heightened awareness of how much YOU control.

While there is much more to learn, you can feel empowered at a very early stage.  A set of principles will help keep you focused whenever there is an absence of knowledge/experience.

We've compiled the following commandments to prep you for the training to follow, as well as guide you in your current efforts.



I. I control my dating life and take responsibility for the results.


II.   No matter what I do, not everyone will like me.


III.  All relationships are NOT meant to last forever.


IV.   I admit my weaknesses and try to improve them.


V.    I won't pretend to be someone I'm not.


VI.   I WILL burn bridges with anyone who disrespects me.


VII.  I will not say "I love you" until I would step in front of a bus for that person.


VIII. [women] I will not trust what a guy says until I sleep with him.


IX.   [men] I will not lie about my feelings just to get into a girl's pants.


X.    I will not let jealousy impact my actions (i.e. no stalking, revenge, etc.)



Some of these may raise your eyebrows. Trust us, we will explain them in greater detail as you advance in your training.

At this stage, it's important to be exposed to principles and affirmations that slightly startle your current perceptions.

In the long run, you will see how they prep you for future material and serve you best in the run.

Once you've adopted these commandments and other articles in Chapter 1, please proceed to the next article. (See links below and/or right margin.)


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