Optimacy Coach – Megan

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Optimacy Coach – Megan

I may look like a southern belle...


But you won't see me in tiaras or sipping tea.


My real name is Megan and let me tell you a little more about me.


First off...I'm probably the youngest and newest Optimacy coach.

I met Jason through my roommate Kristen.  She was already a coach, and I had told Jason I would be perfect for a coach.

His initial reluctance stemmed from my age and his unfamiliarity with me.

He also thought I was too much of a "southern belle".  

(I think he was worried I wouldn't appreciate some of the non-traditional techniques and advanced subliminal secrets that Optimacy teaches.)

It didn't take long for me to prove him wrong!

Out in the field, he quickly saw that I'm more fearless, adventurous, and spunky than any debutante he's seen before.

I showed him that despite my age, I can navigate pretty much any scenario with a guy and control almost any situation.

The icing on the cake was an experiment Jason and I did with online dating.  

We worked together to write PERFECT profile for almost any guy and used it with a studen.

We documented the experience for a case study, as you will soon read in our membership section.

It worked unbelievably well. This guy went from no emails to 24 in 2 days. Better yet...he is no longer online dating because he met a girl 8 years younger who gives him all he can handle ;)

If you want to read about the our experiences and teachings (among many other things), join the Friends with Benefits club and you can read my blogs in the advanced material.

In the membership section, I reveal actual emails from guys and experiences on dates.  Many of you guys will find my commentary invaluable.

I'm also available for question to anyone who joins the Friends with Benefits club.  (Just choose me as your coach when you sign up.)

Even if you don't read my stuff, the training material Jason put together is amazing. Both guys and girls will really get insight into how the opposite thinks and subliminal things that really generate attraction.

Trust me, the stuff is SPOT ON and WORKS!

I've seen it first hand work wonders for students, and I'd love to hear your success stories too.

So don't be shy...come on in and say hi...you will definitely leave better off than you started!