Optimacy Coach – Leona

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Optimacy Coach – Leona

Howdy!  Thanks for stopping by.



You’re talking to a Texas girl here.


Houston, Texas to be exact, so please bear with my accent ;)



My name is Leona and I'm glad you found me.

I hope you take a moment to explore our site and become a member.  I'm looking forward to interacting and sharing more with you.

First, let me give you a snapshot of my background and how I got involved with Optimacy.

Jason and I became friends many years ago.  We've shared countless memories of great social outings, parties, etc.  He's also been a great source of advice -- whether it was dating related or otherwise.

However, I never gained a full appreciation for his wisdom until I got into my own serious relationship.  His advice was invaluable.  He amazingly predicted almost everything that transpired.

It was like having my own personal crystal ball.

Soon, I started learning and picking up similar skills. 

I felt so empowered and capable of handling almost any situation.

Jason and I still reminisce about the drastic difference from when we first met.

While I'm still in my prime, I can't be considered spring chicken.  I've had years of experience with dating, marriage, and have made similar mistakes as everyone else.

My only regret is not learning these skills earlier in life.

Don't live another day with possible regret...I'm evidence though that almost anyone - even with years of bad habits - can learn these skills and change their life.

I'd love to share my experiences with you, so feel free to join and learn more.  

See you in the membership section soon!