Optimacy Coach – Kristen

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Optimacy Coach – Kristen

Hello there and welcome!


My name is Kristen, but before I tell you more about me...


Let's see if we have anything in common.




Have you ever?…


1.  Wanted to feel comfortable in your own skin and in social situations.

2.  Exude confidence.

2.  Take risks and live fearlessly.

3.  Know how when someone is lying, attracted, bored, etc.  just by reading their body language.

4.  Naturally attract the people you want.

5.  Find the man/woman of your dreams instead of hoping to “get lucky”.

6.  Ignite chemistry and passion in your relationships.


If so, you are compatible with me (and probably the rest of the planet).

You also just finished Step 1 on the road to Optimacy.

Once we take a step back and realize we are all essentially the same…attraction, dating, socializing, and sex become less intimidating.

Almost all our fears come from the unknown.  Optimacy reveals those unknowns for you.

We walk you step-by-step through getting rid of bad habits, fears, anxieties and replacing them with strong, confident, attractive traits and habits.

Few people are born with these traits, and even fewer can teach them properly.

I’ve known Jason - the founder of Optimacy -  for many years now, and learned first hand the techniques needed to navigate almost any social situation and generate attraction. 

It really works because our program is based on proven scientific and biological principles.  You won't believe how powerful they are.

I still can't believe it, but I see it first-hand in my personal life and with our clients.

From a handicap guy to a prom queen, our concepts have translated to every client because it is not based on a charade or gimmicks.  

You're invited to join me and let me show you how easy it is....

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