How to Get Over a Breakup – Part II – How to Get Your Ex Back

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How to Get Over a Breakup – Part II – How to Get Your Ex Back


If you can't stop thinking about an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you're not alone.




If you are ready to stop thinking about them and learn how to get your ex back, read further.


Unsurprisingly, the most common question we get at Optimacy involves how to get back an ex girlfriend (or how to get back an ex boyfriend).

In Part I of Getting over a Breakup, we intentionally ignored this question because sometimes the desire is not genuine.


Many people just want an ex back to erase the feeling of rejection.

They don't REALLY need the person back, but their insecurities convince them otherwise.  

It's easier if you take a step back and evaluate things objectively - like you would do for a friend.

For example...

Have you ever dated someone that you weren't super attracted to, but they break up with you before you break up with them? All of a sudden, you feel the urge to get them back even though you really didn't like them that much.

Everyone is susceptible to this "trick" the mind plays on you, so it's important to acknowledge it as a possible source of motivation for you wanting to learn how to get your ex back.


Once people learn the skills we teach, they are able to easily meet people, date, and have an exciting sex life.  As a result, prior failures or breakups become almost irrelevant.

Thus, you need to thoroughly digest our previous articles in Chapter 1 and 2 before reading further.

These articles give you the confidence to move-on and teach you the skills necessary to REPLACE past failures quickly and/or NOT LOSE THEM to begin with.

Ironically, learning how to 'move-on' also makes it a lot easier to get your ex back.

As you will see, one of the keys to getting back an ex is removing the feelings of desperation.

'Moving-on' relieves much of the desperation, stress, and anxiety that cripples your chances.

So...Before we go too far, let's make sure you are positioned for the greatest possible chance of getting your ex back.



Have you done all the self-assessments and improvements in Chapter 1?  

Just glossing over the tips with respect to body language, image, posture, confidence, etc. will NOT make a meaningful difference.  These concepts must become subconsciously embedded in your mind such that they form a habit. Re-read them as often as necessary to improve their efficacy.


Have you gone out and met new people with many of the tips and options noted in Chapter 2?  

Did you use the techniques we outlined to meet new people?  Did you learn what works/doesn't work for you?  Do you feel your confidence building?  You may be obsessed with your ex right now, but meeting new people can help you either get over your ex or teach you how to KEEP them next time.  You can't learn any valuable lessons 'cocooned' in your house.


Have you fully digested the perspective exercises of Part I of Getting Over a Break-up?  

Be honest with yourself if you haven't successfully conquered the feelings of desperation.  As you will soon see, getting back your ex requires willpower more than anything else.  If you aren't past the grieving period, then it will be much tougher to summon the willpower necessary to be successful.  More times than not, the anxiety will cause you to behave irrationally and sabotage any chance you have for success.


Do you TRULY miss your ex or are you just having a hard time with rejection?  

Was this REALLY your soul-mate and the best possible person you can be with? Or are you just lonely and want to have someone around? Many times, it's better to focus on someone new than salvaging a past relationship.  In fact, most people who focus on somebody new indirectly attract their ex back too.


Did anything happen in the relationship that you can't forgive or forget?  

If you're not honest about your ability to forgive, then trying to get your ex back is sheer folly.  You may win him/her back with our tips, but you will be right back here reading this sentence again in the near future kicking yourself for wasting time.


If you are TRULY prepared and want an opportunity to get your ex back, then let's get started with the next step in the process.

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