Conversation Openers – Part III – Secret Tips

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Conversation Openers – Part III – Secret Tips


It's not what you say...but


How you LOOK saying it!





Want to succeed in starting a conversation?


Here's a secret that trumps any pickup line or scripted routine...

 Your body language influences almost 100% of your success.

Everyone evaluates strangers on certain visual traits.  These attributes determine whether or not we would be interested in talking with them.

Even people that are NOT genetically beautiful can spark our interest.  Just standing up straight, smiling, and being well-dressed will make you welcome in almost any scenario.

Conversely, a person with their head down, hands in their pocket, and pursed lips will NOT arouse interest no matter what they say.


Many psychologist have studied verbal versus non-verbal communication...the overall conclusions are clear...

Non-verbal communication influences perceptions far more than words.

We discussed the overall importance of posture and image in Chapter 1.  Before going further, you may want to review these articles because they are particularly applicable to "openers".

In this article, we will revisit these areas and highlight the most powerful nonverbal skills that will instantly make you more attractive when starting a conversation.

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